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Old Testament Theology Before 1933

Baumgarten-Crusius, Ludwig Friedrich Otto. Grundzüge der biblischen Theologie (1828)

Vatke, Wilhelm. Die Religion des alten Testamentes nach den kanonischen Büchern entwickelt (1835) from a liberal romantic perspective.

Bauer, Georg Lorenz. The Theology of the Old Testament, or, A Biblical Sketch of the Religious opinions of the  Ancient Hebrews: from the Earliest Times to the Commencement of the Christian Era (1838)

Wilhelm, Hengstenberg. Geschichte des Reiches Gottes unter dem Alten Bunde (1869-1871, German) from a conservative rational perspective. No link to work is available but we are searching ...

Oehler, Gustav Friedrich; Day, George Edward Theology of the Old Testament. (1883)

( Read on-line, Download as: DJVU, PDF )

Weidner, Revere Franklin; Oehler, Gustav Friedrich. Biblical Theology of the Old Testament (1896)

( Read on-line, Download as: DJVU, PDF )

Duff, Archibald. Old Testament Theology or the History of the Hebrew Religion from the Year 800 B.C (1891) from the perspective of history of religion school.

Schultz, Hermann; Paterson, James Alexander. Old Testament Theology: The Religion of Revelation in its Pre-Christian Stage of Development (1898) from a history of religion school. The book is divided in: The consciousness of salvation, God and the world, Doctrine of man and sin, The hope of the prophetic period, the human instruments for establishing the kingdom of God,

Volume I:  Read on-line, Download as: DJVU, PDF, Volume II:  Read on-line, Download as: DJVU, PDF

Wellhausen, Julius.Prolegomena zur geschichte Israels (1899) This book is not an Old Testament theology but it somehow gives the whole foundation for throwing Old Testament Theology into the history religion evolutionary approach.

Burney, Charles Fox.Outlines of Old Testament Theology (1899) from a liberal Anglican perspective. The author uses the documentary hypothesis. Topics include: names of God, God's dwelling place, the covenant relationship, the theocratic state, God and the world, God and the individual.

Davidson, Andrew Bruce; Salmond, Stewart Dingwell Fordyce.The Theology of the Old Testament (1904) from a systematic perspective. The book covers the doctrines of God, man, sin, redemption, priesthood, the messianic idea and last things from the Old Testament.

Old Testament Theology After 1933

Prussner, Frederick C.; Hayes, John Haralson. Old Testament Theology: Its History and Development (1934) (Read on-line)

Wright, George Ernest.God Who Acts: Biblical Theology as Recital (1952) Links is still not available. This is from the biblical theology movement school.

Von Rad, Gerhard ;  Brueggemann, Walter.Old Testament Theology: The theology of Israel's prophetic traditions (1960) (Read on-line)  A classic old testament theology from the viewpoint of the history of religion liberal school. He says the in the OT there are traditions that are preached and re-preached which is the kerygma of the Old testament.

Eichrodt, Walther. Theology of the Old Testament (1967) A classic Old Testament theology with one single theme in focus: the covenant. Concerning covenant as a theological center he speaks about: names of God, nature of God, instruments of the covenant, breaking, fulfillment,  problems. 

(Read on-line: Volume I, Volume II )

Kaiser, Walter C.Toward an Old Testament Theology (1978, 1991) (Read on-line) This book covers about 320 pages and centers on the canonical books of the Old Testament. The author chooses as a center of his theology the promise of God. He goes through 10 Old Testament periods and shows the main doctrines which are important to every period. He begins with the method and problems of OT theology, the problem of identifying a theological center, and what structure OT theology should have. Recommended.

Smith, Ralph Lee.Old Testament Theology: its History, Method, and Message (1993) Link is still not available.

Preuss, Horst Dietrich. Old Testament Theology (1991)

( Read on-line: Volume I, Volume II )

Childs, Brevard S.Biblical Theology of the Old and New Testaments: theological reflection on the Christian Bible  (1992) (Read on-line) from a neo-orthodox (Barthlean) perspective.

Knierim, Rolf P. The task of Old Testament theology: substance, method, and cases: essays (1995) (Read on-line)

Sailhamer, John H.Introduction to Old Testament Theology: A Canonical Approach (1995) (Read on-line) from an evangelical conservative perspective.

Martens, E.A. Old Testament Theology (1997)  No links still available. Couldn't find this on-line. This book is from a Mennonite perspective with a topical perspective also. The land is a special topic in this theology.

Brueggemann, Walter.Theology of the Old Testament: Testimony, Dispute, Advocacy (1997) from a real postmodernist perspective. On-line link not available still.

House, Paul R. Old Testament Theology (1998) ( Read on-line ) from a conservative evangelical perspective. The author takes seriously the divine inspiration of the Old Testament and God's character so God is the focus of this theology. He: creates, delivers, is holy, expects faithfulness,  renews covenant, gives rest in the land, disciples, blesses, protects, shapes history, saves, enforces the covenant, is present, keeps promises, rules, is worth saving, reveals wisdom, extends mercy, oversees sexuality, defines meaningful living. See also his lectures on the bottom of the page. This is maybe the best thematic Old testament  theology. Highly recommended!

Ollenburger, Ben C.Old Testament Theology: Flowering and Future (2004) ( Read on-line ) This is a book which contains parts of writings of many authors. Highly recommended!

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House, Paul. Old Testament Theology on  This lectures will lead you through the history of Old testament Theology as an academic discipline. Highly recommended.

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