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Study Old Testament Exegesis For Free

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This section of the site is still in development. For now only some language aids concerning Hebrew are available.

Hebrew Language Tools

Lexicons / Dictionaries

Brown, Francis; Robinson, Edward; Driver, Samuel Rolles; Gesenius, Wilhelm; Briggs, Charles Augustus. A Hebrew and English Lexicon of the Old Testament

( Read On-line, Download in: DJVU, PDF )

Young, Robert.Hebrew and Chaldee vocabulary, consisting of every word in the Old Testament ... (1871)


Hurwitz, Hyman. A Grammar For The Hebrew Language (1835)

Deutsch, Solomon. A New Practical Hebrew Grammar With Hebrew-English And English-Hebrew Exercises And A Hebrew Chrestomathy (1868)

Wilson, Robert Dick. Hebrew Grammar For Beginners (1908)

Gesenius, Wilhelm; Kautzsch, Emil; Cowley, Arthur Ernest. Gesenius' Hebrew Grammar (1910)

( Read On-line, Download in: DJVU, PDF )

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