Boyan Mihaylov

My name is Boyan Mak Mihaylov, born in 1977, Sofia, Bulgaria. I became a Christian in 1991 after the breakdown of socialism in Eastern Europe. Before this I was not believing in God and opposed Christianity as we grew up in a dialectical-materialistic driven society in which atheism was almost a state position.

I started this website during my study in BETI as I gathered more and more theological sources and decided to put them online with the hope the website to ecome a free resource to students in theology throughout the world.  


2007 - 2017     B.A. in Theology from The Bulgarian Evangelical Theological Institute (BETI), Sofia Pentecostal Bible College, Bulgaria

1996 - 2005     M.Sc. in Electronic Engineering from the Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria

1991 - 1996     IT Specialist, Technological High-school Electronic Systems in Sofia affiliated with the Technical University of Sofia


2014 - 2017     Secretary, member of board, preaching and teaching ministry at Holy Trinity Christian Church, Sofia, Bulgaria and Holy Trinity Christian Church, Smolyan, Bulgaria. Active in missionary work in the Rhodope region.

2003 - 2012     Chairman of the board, preaching and teaching ministry at Grace Christian Church, Septemvri, Bulgaria

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